My Violent Streak

I love gummy bears. I love biting their little nails off one by one. :) I like the orange ones, the green ones, and yellow ones.

They don't fight back! Catharsis at its best! :)

I love jelly beans too! Jello Bello only please! Where to get them in Singapore? They're too pricey at candy empire in HarbourFront!

*random thoughts, don't read on if you're not a girl or are in a trashy mood*

I need to buy my gold bag! I need to buy my white pointy shoes. Thanks to Corn for the prada perfume. Food at waruku is pretty good. The first sperm to reach an egg is the strongest & fittest -- we were once champions. Kent Ridge guild house has good cod fish. Satay house @ Mhd Sultan Road sucks! I love Jap food. How can a pregnant woman not explode with all that pressure within? Shimei is coming back soon! The largest cell in a woman's body is an egg. Dawn is an amazing cook. Anyone wants to go night safari with me?


Anonymous said...

hey estee dude... did you draw all these pictures? they are pretty cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Nice blog you've got. Yea cute pictures too.. Where did you get them?

Peter said...

For those of you who are wondering about these cute pictures. It's called "Pon and Zi Comics", you can find it on Azuzephre's Pon and Zi Comics Website I love those characters as a reflection of things going on in people's emotional life. There is also an archive site on Azuzephre's Gallery

I want to move out of school! I want to buy a macbook pro. Thanks to Prof Tay for the Toshiba laptop. Tennis VR is really a good game on PSP. The dream and passion keep people going forward -- we are always insane. Microsoft has awesome food caterer and the corn soup is nice. Jap food in NUS tastes like a mix of English and Chinese. Moms are the bravest to bear us. TechED SEA is coming back! The first 20 days fetus is female. Owen is an fabulous business developer. How about watch Transformers together?

eStee said...

ijust watched transformers. wet dream man!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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