5 Myths about 9irls (Singaporean context)

I was just thinking about the immeasurable myths guys have about 9irls, which spun off from the infinite ones girls have about guys.

Maybe it's time to dispel the rumors, in the Singaporean context.

Myth 1: Girls only like rich guys.

Fact: This is a total false accusation. A girl may be more attracted initially to a guy but if he ain't gonna treat her right, he sure can fling that bling bling out of the window. Yes, financially stable guys are a bonus, but they are not a prerequisite. Of course, with any case, there are the serial daters out there like
Anna Nicole Smith, but there are always outliers in any situation..

Myth 2: I don't have to walk a girl home, she lives so near by, PLUS it's not even dark!

Fact: You DON'T have to walk her home, of course! You're not chained to her! She's old enough to take care of herself, sure! OK Silly, I was being sarcastic. The fact of the matter is that walking her home is not about "walking her home" per se. The act alone carries with it a plethora of what I would call "aftershocks". Likened to the way a stone drops into a pond, the ripples start small first, then travel outwards in concentric circles, getting larger in time. Same here, first impression really counts so if you don't show a girl you care enough to just make sure she gets home safe on your first or subsequent dates, it creates that impression that in the future, you might not "care" that much. So, really the bottom line is that it really depends on you. Even if she says it's ok not to walk her home, you decide.

Myth 3: Once I have a girlfriend, I will FOREVER have less time with my guy buds

Fact: Should talk with your girl about this. Not all girlfriends will rob you of your social lives once you commit to her. Some girls need their social lives too, so you don't have to spend 100% of your time together. You are not cojoined twins, for heaven's sake. Remember that everytime you spend time with her, you are also depriving the chance for her to hang out with her other friends. Both of you should try to see spending time with each other as really spending quality time and not think of "opportunity costs" That's just the wrong way to go, totally. Some girls, though, can get really sticky, so that its up for u to "pry" her off with your fork lift, good luck!

Myth 4: A girl expects a guy to pay for everything

Fact: This is very very offensive. I don't know how true this is applicable for all 9irls, but yes it's ok for a guy to pay sometimes, but a girl SHOULD NOT take for granted that a guy pays for everything. He can bring her out for meals on his own accord, but if a girl expects a guy to pay for her shopping and whatnots, the girl should learn how to stand up for her own. If she wants her bling bling and pretty things, she better learn how to be self sufficient. So not all girls expect for guys to pay for everything; you can spoil her, but don't make her go rancid.

Myth 5: All the attractive girls are taken, lesbian or much older than me. Singapore has not more eligible girls.

Fact: Not true, you aren't looking at the right places. But then again, I can't tell you where to look because I don't know where the good guys are as well... haha


ar zhou said...

Actually all those sound pretty general, and in some ways its kindda common sense :p

Then again.... I am NOT walking you home from NUS then walking back all the way to my house (unless its just to your hall la)

eStee said...

adrian: when we were in Philly not once did u not walk me back. I was writing this post with u in mind...

IceDoom said...

There are good guys and gals out there, not that we don't know where to look. Juz that we are not attracted to them. Nice people hang out together too much and too long that sometimes we pass the window of opportunity to consider dating each other.

Unknown said...

from the guru himself, Anthony a.k.a icedoom

Anonymous said...

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