iPod KILLIN' Machine - This Gadget beats the iPOD by a mile!

Sick of your iPod? Welcome to the world to iPodinator "terminator". This new gadget is the brand and spankin' new iPod killer/annihilator/massacre-er

Introducing the 2nd Gen iRiver. Watch her work, sure turns me on... Does this do it for you??

*smacks lips*


DK said...

There are alot of gadgets that have better features compared to iPod. But none of them managed to kill the iPod.

The thing that makes iPod a winner is the style and branding. So far nobody managed to beat that.

Oh ya, I hate the interface. Your thumb will need to move all over the device to do selection. Cannot have 1 hand control. The clicking sound is loud.

eStee said...

yah clicking is loud... true.. click click click. but seriously i think it looks sweet, but then fingerprints ruin it!

Anonymous said...

The Clix series is a really cool set of portable media players. Amazing codec support and very user friendly.

Even their 1st version, the U2, beat the iPod Nano flat out.

Too bad they don't sell directly in Singapore. :(

eStee said...

do u think we can parallel import?

Anonymous said...

You can always import lah. Just order from Amamzon or whatever.

But you won't get any warrenty support in Singapore. So if anything goes wrong you'll need to send it back to US or Australia.

I once saw a company selling the U2 at one of the IT shows here. They had local warrenty support and all, but they were only selling older models. :(

Anonymous said...

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