LOVE --That damned 4 letter word

So wat is love you ask me? Good question? Is it the butterfly in your stomach while waiting in anticipation of a date? Or is it the immense jealousy when someone you "love" sees someone else? Or is it unconditional? All self sacrificial and all forgiving... Too good to be true? Many question on what love is. Simply amazing how a 4 letter word can mean so much, or so little, for that matter.

Some pictures and comics to put things in perspective...

Is it something we can do without?

Is it measurable?


Nay Min Thu said...


Anonymous said...

I guess love is about giving support and encouraging her on what she does, even though the things she does may not really interest you? Letting her knows know you care for her even thought you can’t see her? Calling her to ask stupid questions in order to know how she is doing? =)

Well, Love is an emotional feedback of two people, and it takes 2 people to make it claps. And one of them suddenly stops, love just falls.
Thus one should be sensitive enough to know when to continue...

eStee said...

so smart and insightful... u GURU!

Anonymous said...

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