LSD covered Pussies - Getting High the Weird way...

For reasons best kept to yourself - and $20.14 - you may want to get your mitts on this synthetic cat's paw. And for another reason, probably best kept to itself, said paw comes with a small bell and a trigger to make it bend. Or something like that.

Apart from doubling up as a key ring and G-spot stroker (if you are that kind of cat lover), this Cat Paw's surface has been specially treated with LSD derivatives that will make you do really weird things when you grab them.

Or at least that's what I could gather looking at the gallery bellow. And if you thought the japanese Wii safety manual was crazy, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Courtesy of Jesus Diaz


Unknown said...

AIYO .... estee estee... din know you are into such stuff !!!!

eStee said...

:) was dedicating that post to U! :) happy belated birthday!