Rent a Wife Ad - Men are HEARTLESS :(

If you really want to be offended, you should watch the video.

Rent vs. Own. Always a difficult decision. Can this offend us females more? In Belgium, you can rent a wife at Ironically, the "Network’ launched long ago, but they offer only ‘domestic’ services. At the Belgian site, you can pick your wife’s measurements, so I think the Belgian company has a slightly different value proposition. Adverblog describes the service, “The site is in Dutch and French, but I think you can all find your way through the content quite easily. Of course, if you’re interested, you can subscribe to the service directly through the site. There are different options you can choose from and… guess what, when you click to go, you’ll end up on the subscribe page of an online DVD rental service.”

By the way, I’m sure your rented wife will love you very much so guys, u can go to hell if ur even thinking...

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