UBERpost Nexus Party! PIcs and Pixies!

I am totally running out of words. My hair is on its ends. I cannot lull myself to sleep. It is thrilling, so exciting, so invigorating. The Digital Movement - I feel the earth move under my feet!

Know the feeing of entering an atmosphere just electrically charged up? Yes, that was what happened last night. Although I knew really little people, it was seamless just hitting it off with everyone.

A place where everyone has the SAME vision, SAME goals and SAME drives. A want to make things happen, this sexy locomotion.
I had to lug my baby (read: macbook) around the whole day. Totally cannot live/breathe without it. I think I should get married to my computer -- on a lighter note, yes I had to bring it around with me the whole day because after meeting the guys from conferencebay, I had to hang around to wait for Jas and Alvin to meet me, before setting off together for the after after-party.
A very happy Michael :) and his TDM shirt!
Hurray to TDM!!


DK said...

I just tagged u. :P


eStee said...

yay i love to be tagged. hey sad that i missed the ping meet up.. :(

DK said...

Well, it's a very small ad hoc gathering. NVM lah. This coming Saturday's gathering will be more fun. :)

Anonymous said...

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