999 Joost Invites - Let me know if U want!

Let me know if anyone wants Joost ok?

Keen on it, visit www.joost.com

Later Skater!


steph said...

me! me! me! i want an joost invite! pleeeeeeeeeeeease! :) that would be soooo nice of you!
i just stumbled over your blog and since i read that joost thing i went to the page and it looks promising!

if you want to invite me, here's my e-mail:

thank you!

eStee said...

OK sent!! :)

Anonymous said...

Have a spare one that you could send me? =)

Thanks in advance

ruiwen (a) earthling (d) net

steph said...

thaaaaaank you!

i'm downloading it as i write! ;)

Anonymous said...

Jealous! How come so many invites one?

Anonymous said...

me! please?

eStee said...

send me your emails!!!

pris said...




Shaun said...

joost! shaunthegreat at gmail dot com! thanks :D

Anonymous said...

I want! I want!

makawaru at gmail dot com :D

Thank you! *SMOOOCH!*

Anonymous said...

may i have one too?:D

Anonymous said...

surfed on in and found this interesting! can i have one please?


thanks in advance!

ZooCar9 said...

Hey Goddess,

Just wondering if you could send me an invite at email@zoocar9.com

Will really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

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