SPRING Funding Received! THX S'PORE

"KACHING"... the sounds keeps ringing incessantly in my ears. No, but this time, it's music, a soft sweet melody. What can be worse than waiting for the long awaited call. Reminds me of the time I felt fidgetty and all messed up waiting for my A level results. But this time, unlike the A levels, this story ends well.

I have been interning in a company called "CONFERENCEBAY" for just over a week. The experience has been great. Apart from the great fun we have working with Arnout and Frank on this company, we enjoy the monday morning sticky buns and raisin twirls for breakfast (plus free flow of can drinks in the fridge!) This company is just GREAT. seriously guys, when we IPO remember to buy our shares, confirm sky rocket one lah! :)

But seriously, everything is just up in the air, but we're confident that we'll prove our concept to our potential clients. (Will let you know what this biz is in my next post!)

But yesterday we finally received confirmation that we are being funded! Yay!!!! The feeling of knowing that Conferencebay is moving forward just excites me! Although for only one week, the passion is welling and everyone in the company just feeds off each other's enthusiasm! Love it!

Setting: Conference Bay on Tuesday Evening

Arnout: Should we call SPRING? They said they would get to us by early next (which meant this) week.

Interns: Maybe call tomorrow, they might be thinking about it

Arnout: But tomorrow would mean mid week, and they said EARLY!


Truth: It must be really living on the edge when it is YOUR company, YOUR baby. Truly brave steps to take for Frank Bomers and Arnout Mostert. *kudos* Many people talk about starting their own business like its a sure rich scheme, but little actually dare to do it...

Later that evening, we found out that we had received funding! Arnout had sent an SMS to us interns! I was like dying from trying to contain my excitement! That means champagne!!!

Which also explains the cake we had!! YUMMILICIOUS to to MAX!


Our dear Scott trying to position the camera to take our pics!

Team ConferenceBay!

Boss Arnout cutting the cake!

From left: Boss Frank, Piotr (BD), Boss Arnout, Jazlyn & Shili (IT babes)

What's better than creamy chocolate cake? Definitely knowing that your company has received support from the Singapore government.

Tonight I'll sleep sweet.... ZZZZ



ar zhou said...

hey congrats on Conference Bay getting funding

eStee said...

Buy shares when we IPO ok? :) I wish u were here working with DL and I. Arnout n Frank really liked ur CV! :)

Anonymous said...

Estee Get Some Sleep... Its 2am...

Arnout said...

Please don't call Frank and me 'Boss'!! And as Scott says... please get some sleep! As long as it's not in the office... ;)

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a cool bunch of people Estee. :)

Unknown said...

Congrats to Estee, Scott and Arnout! Glad that you guys got funding from SPRING. Incidentally, I used to work in SPRING (then PSB) for about 4 years so I know how tough it must be. ;)

Anonymous said...

Must be really exciting. Congrats! :)

eStee said...

Harro, Walter, Herry: It's an exciting time for us! his really is a great boost! See you all at BlogOut! :) EXCITED!!

Anonymous said...

hi estee!!!!!!!!!!!!! im here! *leaving my paw print all over your blog!!!!!!!!* hahah... ;)

eStee said...

yay!!! leave more leave more!

Henry Leong said...

Hi estee,

Thanks for the invitation.

Anonymous said...

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