Hitchoo Week! :) Fallin' 4 U..

Since I've got Hitchoo on my Nuffnang ads, this week I shall declare it a HitChoo Week!! All my blog postings will be about LOVE, LOVE and more LOVE! Which, come to think off, is way tooo ironic, because I haven't had much experience and definitely am not a GURU.

But love isn't only about BGR right? I'm really thinking how Hitchoo cards can be used as well in other contexts. Not only to get together with the better/worse sex right? What about sometimes we don't say I LOVE YOU enough to our parents? Or siblings, for that matter?

Can it be used that way? As a form of telling them we love them? Maybe not so right, on second thoughts. Maybe hitchoo should also include a section where you just want to give a holler to kin. Sometimes it's hard telling the people you love the most that you love them.. especially when you take them for granted.

Bottomline: Family is most important. Everything can go, but family really the foundationa nd corner stone of happiness. Sometimes we only realise when its too late. Cherish the moment.