I promise not to kill you...

Everyone needs a bit of TLC once and then. Hugs are free, so why not do someone a favour today? There is something about skin to skin touch.. something Asians aren't too fond of. We don't hug our kids much, we show them we love them by putting food on their plate and buying gifts. Maybe we're more conservative, but deep down inside nothing beats the conventional hug. It's warm and fuzzy and power -- really speaks a lot more than mere words!
Studies have shown this!

When you wonder what you can do to help, sometimes the answer is easy: just reach out and touch someone.

There may be no words that can make an elderly or ill person feel better, but your touch can make them feel that you care in a way that words and deeds do not. A hug, pat on the shoulder or holding their hand can bring great solace. It may provide the encouragement needed to complete a difficult task or just get through a gloomy hour. After a long, close marriage filled with physical affection, a widow may go for weeks, even months, without being touched by another person. One reason that pets raise our spirits is that we touch them and they nuzzle back. When talking about her husband and explaining why she loves him, a young woman gives an example that whenever he is in the room with his grandmother, he holds her hand. That kind of touching does not come naturally to everyone, but when it does it can compete with most of the medicine that elderly people receive!

Perhaps the lack of touch is one reason the elderly often ask to take someone's arm. They are not only concerned about falling; they enjoy the sense of physical closeness to another person, and it's an acceptable way to ask for it. If you are not comfortable just sitting and holding someone's hand, try touching their back when they go through a door or just touching their hand when you greet them and say goodbye.

Trying to think of a gift that might make a difference? Give a massage, a manicure or a pedicure. The greatest value may not be in the grooming but the touch. Or give a certificate to have these services performed. While not the hands of a friend or loved one, the touch is still valuable, not quite so personal but touch just the same.

I love hugs! I make sure to give my girlfriends hugs whenever I meet them, or when I leave. What's wrong with showing a little affection? I think that's what we all need to learn a bit more of. That's something we need to learn to adopt.


Peter said...

I remembered giving my cousin a hug when I left for Singapore this February, a sense of love and care.

I remembered how awkwardly my parents act I hugged them when I just arrived at Shanghai, yet, the joy within the hug overwhelmed us .

I remembered hugging my cell brothers at the end of cell group, and the warmth and closeness brought by that.

There is this "Free Hugs", which is indeed a good gesture of showing how people in the world needs love, needs care, needs a relief.

The World needs love, so are we, so are our parents, our grandparents, our relatives, our friends, everyone we know.

A simple gesture might make a huge difference in people's life.

In love we Hug :)

eStee said...

awwww.. *hugs*, peter!

Anonymous said...

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