Knickers on head!

Dearest lil' Esther:

If you ever think you're alone and looking foolish, I'll be there for you. We can look stupid together, even if it means knickers on our heads. Wear your heart on your sleeve with me! The terror twins from hell. Love you, see you in a bit!

I'll see you when your back!! *muakk*

cheh cheh.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure panties would still look look pretty on girl's head unless it's shit smelling undies from this guy:

eStee said...


Peter said...

Your sisbee is an awesome girl. Your constant notes for her made me really want to meet her some day in the future, of course, with you.

What keeps me wondering is what is feeling like talking to my own sister if I could have one. I guess that would be really great, because "blood is thicker than water", I always believe, no matter how tough the situation could get a family is always a family.

Having a dearie to talk with in life is a precious thing to have, and I am jealous you have this diamond and treasured all the time.

Anonymous said...

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