CitiBank Clear Card -Advertorial-

Ever been to a restaurant and end up more embarrassed than ever?

Maybe you don't relate to it, but ever found yourself in such a situation?

You're on a hot date with a girl you really like, and when it's time to foot the bill for dinner, you valiantly whip up your debit card and hand it over to the waiter..

"Excuse me sir, we only accept credit..."
"It's OK, I'll pick it up, no worries.." (the girl says)

*at this point, you want to dig a hole in the ground*

Or maybe you want to book tickets for a show that's just about to open - it's a hot show but you don't have a credit card!!! So you can't book! You have to go down hours before to ensure you get tickets, on many occasions, the best seats have already been taken up by the ones using online booking! *ahhhhhhhh*

Sounds familiar? Solution? Citibank Clear Credit Card!

Indeed, a credit card is a convenient payment tool – use it to pay bills online, book tickets for the movies or theatre.

"But I haven't started working yet! Don't you need a minimum income to apply for a credit card?"

NOPE! Application requirements for the Citibank Clear credit Card are as follows:

- There is no minimum income requirement and this mean that...
1. Tertiary students can apply
2. Working adults can apply (no minimum income, but applicant should still be employed)
3. Minimum age requirement is 21 years old (for non-students)
4. Students above 18 years can apply, but they need parental/guardian consent

What do you stand to gain?

Features, Privileges of card
1. Discounts and Privileges at over 600 merchant locations

- Citibank gourmet pleasures programme lets you savour the best in culinary variety, and gives you discounts at over a hundred establishments islandwide.
- Citibank world privileges avails local deals to you when you travel overseas. Enjoy savings and benefits at restaurants, gold courses, hotels and more.
- 1-for-1 drinks at Velvet Underground and Winebar
- Free and priority entry into Velvet Underground everynight (up to 1st 350 cardmembers)
- Other partners include: Flash N Splash, FleshImp, The Heeren shops, EpiCentre (Apple Premium Reseller), Sony, Sony Ericsson, California Fitness, n.yd.c, Haagen Dazs, Café Cartel, tcc, Coffee Club and more

2. One-Touch Biometrics Payment
- Coolest payment mode.
- Drop by clubs and cafes without bringing wallet
- Fast way to pay with your finger

3. Full features of credit card such as
- Online shopping
- Can spend overseas
- Rewards program

How do I save myself from embarrassing "dinner situations" next time?

This card is easy to apply, just log on to submit details then follow up with a signed copy of form and supporting documents. Process takes less than 5 minutes.

What happens if I lose my card? What if I overspend?
Safeguards and Measures
1. Card is automatically blocked once cardmember misses his/her payment
2. Credit limit is capped at $500, credit line is manageable (Compared with debit cards which avail cardmembers to their entire deposit or to amounts several times that of $500, or supplementary cards which avail the entire principal cardmember’s line of credit_
3. Low credit limit makes this a controlled way for young adults to start to learn and use credit in a responsible manner
4. ‘Use credit wisely’ tips that serve as a useful guide for those who are new to credit

Last tip: When dating someone, please be tactful, if you can afford to foot the bill, that's nice. But it's not neccessary (to win girl's heart).. I won't be able to help if you make a boo boo like this!


DK said...

Hmmm.... is this an advertisment? :P

Well, won't you also get the same embarrassing situations when you exceed the $500 limit?

If you can't get a normal credit card, then the best way to go is cash. :)

Pleasure Delayer said...

Not that I am the average american male... But your post reminded me of this video:

So girls be aware if he has a Citibank Clear Card! hahahahaha
(sorry Estee, you can edit/censor this post)

eStee said...

dk: yes its an advertorial... ) if u need to spend more than 500 on dinner to impress a girl, she aint the right one..

eStee said...

pd: Man... yes actually u know what...i totally agree with that post.. haha

Anonymous said...

There is no way any merchants will only accept debit and not credit because they can't see the difference on the card. They will probably reject all kinds of master/visa if they reject your debit card.

eStee said...

c: by that post I meant you gave your nets card... that can't right?