Does this world have BIGGER plans for me?

This poem is written for those who always wanted to be - but never thought they could make it. For those who gave up their dreams because others said that they couldn't. For those who never thought that they were good enough and because of that never dared to try. For those who still have a dream and don't know where to start... push on, dream on, the world is just about to start and the tides will turn, only if you believe...

You look up at your mother like she was everything you had
You grasp her hand in the crowd afraid to breathe too hard
I look deep into your eyes my child, why you look so sad
Loosen the grip a little, you're perpetually on your guard
You dream big dreams inside your soul, at night you stay awake
You watch your mother toil away, her pain must not be told
She swallows hard her tears of hurt, she works just for your sake
My little child hold fast to hope, your dreams you should behold

The world tells you you're too small, you blend into the crowd
When you try to prove yourself, they look at you in doubt
You scream so loud, your little voice, you struggle to speak aloud
Tears down your cheeks, "Will someone out there hear me out?"
Mother dear looks down at you, she smiles with love & grace
She holds your hand a little tighter, whispers words of care
"Doesn't matter what they say my child, you do what it takes
If no one else believes in you -- the world just isn't fair"

You look at her, that familiar smile, you hold your head up high
Let that dream of your take root today no matter what they say
Have faith within, hang fast to hope, block away the lie
When the world tells you you're nothing, shove them outta the way
Doesn't matter that they don't believe, they care not for you
Remember what your mother said, she's been there from the start
Little child, you're not a nobody, like me, you're unique too
You just need to find your way, so open up your heart

9eek 9oddess, 5 August 2007


Nay Min Thu said...

Umm, can't see the picture.. it doesn't load up.

If we have a dream, we should hold onto it no matter what. If we have strong will and enough passion, it will definitely come true one day.

Thanks for sharing.


eStee said...

Thanks for stopping by! :) Dream big dreams!

Anonymous said...

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