German Sausages are >6 inches long = YUM

Gerard, my NOC mate brought me to Werner's Over last night for German sausages... Man are they HUGE. I swear they were longer than 6 inches, and sooo thick! I had cheese stuffed sausage, saucekraut, pickles and salad. Yum Yum. He had meatloaf, which to me, looked like french toast.

We've been to crazy places, I think first was western, then viet and now German! I wonder where next! It's really cool going with friends to try out new cuisines. I want to try Filipino food now - its one I haven't really had!

It is a pretty quaint and small place, a family run business, the people are friendly and what I love best is the bakery at the back. They serve fresh breads baked daily, plus apple tarts, raspberry pies as well as muffins of all sorts!
The food was good - Werner's Oven has been reviewed by time out and given the thumbs up. I think what I like about it is the reasonable prices pls the unpretentious atmosphere. They served fresh soft pretzels on wooden racks on the table and everything just looks really good.

Also, he dabao-ed me like 4 whole slices of cream cheese brownies, from The Baker's Story. It's been featured on STOMP and, but I've never heard of it before. Nonetheless, it was really good to eat. YUM. Small quaint places like these should be celebrated!

On a heavier note, we went to send Ram off at the airport. He is also a fellow NOC batch mate. I think I'll miss him a lot. He is going to Germany - for 6 months or more! I sure will miss him. It was sad, at the airport, seeing good friends leave. This week alone, I've been to the airport 3 times to send friends off. It's really sad - how I will miss my friends.


Jas aka paced said...

I've been there twice already and I love the German food there, esp the sausages!!! Yum yummm...

eStee said...

R u an eastie ? (person who lives in the east!)

Anonymous said...

I'm craving for sausages already! I guess Singapore is really a heaven for those hungry people craving for different kinds of food!

Anonymous said...

hi estee, Werner's is da best! Esp for their oxtail stew and cheap cheap pork knuckles! Not to mention their potatoe salads and sausages. Been their customer for almost 10 years used to live immediate next door, always buay tahan the heavenly smell coming from the fresh baked breads heh. Nice to see a good review about them here :)

insomniac said...

Yap, German food is fantastic! Have never tried Werner's Oven though. Will try next time I am in Singapore.

Bye, Sebastian from

P.S.: I'm German, so I had to look on that article from :)

eStee said...

nic and seb: yumyumyumyum :) nuff' said!

Anonymous said...

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