Hugs for 5 Cents?

I watched on TV a festival / occasion where people wore a sign board on their bodies, indicating that they were giving free hugs away...

Despite that, on lookers and by passers were skeptical and apprehensive of receiving hugs. This made me wonder, have we become insensitive cynics, stingy with the love we give and receive? Have we forgotten that deep down inside, no man is an island and that without love, we would cease to exist?

Are we always demanding love from others yet withholding our love from them?

Don't ask what someone can do for you, but what you can do for them. And don't forget that indeed a hug a day can keep the doctor away!

Love ya all! :) *hugs*


KENNY said...

Hey there was a guy doing just that on Orchard some time back. Right outside Wisma.

Anyone saw him?

eStee said...

No haven't seen him before! He still there?

KENNY said...

Only saw him once. Guess business wasn't good.

eisburg said...

It would feel so strange to pay a stranger 5 cents for a hug.

I still prefer my hug to come from someone I know personally.

eStee said...

Hugs are fun!

Anonymous said...

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