Marriage Proposal - What NOT to do

One of my best friends sent me this picture... Cracked me up so bad. The mistakes men make.. unnknowingly. Don't you just long to hate them and hate to love them?

Any one of you guys keen to know the mind of a rich girl? You see, this girlfriend of mine is very wealthy, which may or may not be a good thing. We think so much of riches, blablabla, but they have their own set of problems too.

1) The inability to attract good but less wealthy guys... (are these guys intimidated by her high lifestyle?)

2) People have the mis-impression that riches equals show off...

To know the mind of a rich girl, to know her pains and to know what she is really thinking, about when love means and is, you'll find that truly, she is down to earth...

Click here to read her blog about it. Also, read all about feminism here and why you should NOT make a woman cry

“Be careful if you make a woman cry, for God counts every one of her tears.

A woman was made from one of Man’s ribs: not from his feet to be stepped on; not from his head to be superior but under his arm to be protected and next to his heart to be loved.”


brian koh said...

i guess the same can be said of almost every other situation. whether she's taller, better looking, better music taste.. etc etc..

maybe men have been so culturally bred to believe that they have to be the ones in charge, they're threatened, or even emasculated when a woman does a seemingly better job than him in various departments.

but i think if two people really get to know each other, regardless, they sort out these kinks, or rather they have to in order to make that relationship work.

love's more than just love or an emotion, a healthy state of mind and knowing your own worth as a man and a woman play equal parts to maturity.

*rant over*

eStee said...

Brian: you always leave the most intelligent comments. I love it, that's true I agree with you.. but I feel the issue here is that it is very hard for 2 people to be totally secure in a relationship. Sorting out the kinks is one thing, and maturity, now that's a whole other post altogether.

How does one define maturity anyway?

brian koh said...

haha, flatterer -)

i dunno, maybe it comes from being a bit of a hopeless romantic who tries to be strong on the outside.

couple of my insights from recent and also over the years.

love / relationships makes you vulnerable. you can't just hold on to the things you knew, and the ones closest to you hurt you the most.

love is sacrificial. in essence, no matter how much you do for someone, it will never love you back unless it becomes a choice on the other party. expecting love is what causes us a certain amount of grief. but for the giver, if you can actually come to a point of being an outpouring of love unconditional, you continue to give love nonetheless, requited or unrequited. again, i only know of one Saviour's love that is capable of that, even though we reject it so often, and go our own way.

what is maturity? hmmmm.. being vulnerable. neil young was mature, because he nailed it. "only love can break your heart."


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