$100US for anyone who spots him

Reward of US$100 for spotting him. Nice deal right? I love the way monochrome photographs turn out. They give you this nostalgic feeling, that kind that sits warmly in the belly - the warm fuzzy feeling that causes your digits to tingle.

I was chatting with my father (via email) this morning and he said to me
""We part as teenagers and now meet as ah peks!" -- left me a bit puzzled.

When do you get the occasion to have so many Secondary 4 friends around, not forgetting about a dozen or more teachers who will grace the occasion!!?? So the story goes that my father's alma mater, St Andrew's Primary will be having a reunion - 45 years after graduation!
How nice is that! I totally love the idea of having reunions! This event is estimated to attract about 100 old boys from all over the world from UK, Canada, Aust. USA, China M'sia & Bangkok etc.

Back to the meat and potatoes of this entry -- my beautiful father offered me $US100 for pointing him out. His clue was " Look out for the square head" -- !!???!? My guess is that he is on the 2nd row, third from right. :)

Anyway my family is very perculiar - for some reason we have very hilarious conversations all the time. We are truly special, this bond.

Esther (my sister, working in the white house): hello all at home,

i'm at work now! hahah so cool. i'm in the house of representatives:)
and then just how i got to walk inside capitol hill. i have a pass that
lets me go anywhere. it's pretty awesome. work's been a little mundane
though. i do some admin wk but also some research wk of course. i'll
let you know how it goes :) love and miss you all.

Dad: Wow that awesome PTL (praise the Lord) What is the meaning of mundane HAHA
Mum rather not ask as not to expose her lack of knowledge HAHA (here my dad is taking a stab at my mom and insulting her knowledge) I will rather ask and learn and be smarter HAHA. Missing you a great deal alright and do take care & God bless.

Me: Mundane means boring!

Esther: Dad's a freakazoid. hahah what a cutie petiutie. hahaha

Dad: Sorry wrongly said but rather rare & distinguish species. HAHA. Love u & God bless.

Me: Haha dad says he is rare and distinguished! How cute and barnabassy

Dad: Hi Estee u should agreed with me you r my genes HAHA PTL God bless.



Pleasure Delayer said...

May i play $100(Where s Wally-Square-Head-Estee-Dad) game? (with all my respect for Mr. Teo)

Hmmm ....



Last row ... First on left!

But honestly I was really intrigued that there was just one and only one ang=mo (is it the way you write it?)... Ask your dad who is the blonde hair boy, he looks completely away from the group.

Cheers and happy friday to all!

eStee said...

Hey pd, the funny thing is yes, I noticed the ang moh guy (very well done on picking up the weird words we use). I wonder who he is - I shall ask my dad. And no, I didn't win the 100 bucks. My answer was incorrect. So is yours! My dad is the 3rd row, 3rd from the right. Dang!

Pleasure Delayer said...

I was so happy and coming here to collect my$100!!! THought I would party harder on the weekend hahahahahahaha

eStee said...

try harder next time :) tough luck!

Anonymous said...

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