Happy Birthday Shaun, Goodbye James & Kenneth

Happy birthday Shawn Chin! Happy happy birthday! You're 24 years old!!! I know this comes super belated; but I just didn't have enough time to actually get down to blogging about it but. yes working and studying simultaneously can be tough - it's a dog's life!

Thanks goes to Cute little Clement (on the left - haha I love his random expressions) as well as Adrian who helped to buy the yummmylicious cake!

How totally nice it is to surprise someone - I love surprises!

Where ols friends all come to gether from all walks of life, where bankers (both on left) and plastic surgeon (far right) meet. What a beau-ti-ful combination!

You are only as happy as the people around you are, right?

But then again, you know that gambling does help everyone to be happier, especially when the birthday boy wins the house!

Happy birthday to you! You're 24!

And that means that we girls are aging toooooo!! NOooooooOOoOoOO!

Cheers to youth and to us girls!

P/s: Good bye James and Kenneth! We will miss you! Until we meet again, enjoy the U- S of A! :) Love you all!

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Good words.