HOT Eligible Bachelor Looking for GIRLFRIEND - application open-

Girls, let me introduce you to my very eligible friend, Ding! (far left) Ding is extremely eligible and is out looking for a girlfriend. The problem?

With pictures like these, how can one's mother not think their son is gay? Calling all girls looking for an eligible soon to be private banker, leave a comment on my blog and I'll hook you up. Haha, what's more juicy, Ding's house is EMPTY! Ding lives my himself in his huge house along holand road (his parents live in Austalia), so any one looking for a hotel and boyfriend in one, this is the right guy for you! Don't hesitate, comment now! Finder's keepers, losers weepers!

But on a more serious note, yesterday we hopped on to Wala Wala @ Holland Village to celebrate Ding's 24th birthday. I managed to get a dedication for Ding - the performer belted Ding's fav. song, you and me!

As usual, we had sooooo much fun! I love wala wala and their band!

Shimei, me and Gerri! Both speak in perfect Queens English. You can hear Gerri on NewsRadio 938 and you can soon see Shimei's articles on SPH newspaper soon! All my friends so ang moh pai! :) super bananas la!

It was good to meet Jac too! The last time I met her, we were in New York City together eating deep dish pizza ot of some soho cafe! Yummy! Boy does time fly!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DING! *xoxo* Hope you meet your dream girl (ahem, shimei) soon! :)


Anonymous said...

HEY ESTEE dudeeee... you looked very beautiful in the pics lei!!!!

eStee said...

awww... Jaron, you very sweet leh! Come back I promise to attend yours and emme's wedding ok? Can I be God mummy oso? I love babies!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely dress you're wearing!

eStee said...

Thanks! i love polka dots! :)

Anonymous said...

ay supposed to be god mommy to my kids wei. dun go and run after other pple's kids lei.


p/s: love the dress!!!

eStee said...

Dawn: dun worry by then I'll have enough dough to be Godmother to a LOT of kids, but of course, your kids my favourite :) DUH!

Anonymous said...

estee you are sooooooooooooooo fun, i LOVE you! haha, the entry was way out--hillarious! MUAKS!

eStee said...

Gerri: is that you?? :)

Anonymous said...

Get your tits out would ya!

Anonymous said...

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