Hurting those we LOVE

I don't know if it's just me but it always seems like I end up hurting those I love the most... Is it but a defense mechanism to not allow people whom love you to come closer?

I was thinking about the people who love me and how much I've hurt them in one way or another. Maybe, as cruel as it sounds, in Freudian terms, hurting those who you know love you is a way we take revenge on those whom we love(d) but have hurt us in the past?

I don't mean to sound cheem but it's like a handicapping mechanism, where like you set yourself up to cause hurt to others intentionally, but in the end, in the long run, the person who suffers the most pain in yourself...

Do anyone know what I'm talking about here or is this issue only unique to me?

Sometimes, it is too late to change the situation or the people involved and sorries cannot make up for the loss of love and tears. Maybe it's just human nature to me masochistic so we can understand the emotion of joy and ecstacy... What would Darwin say to that?

There were 7 socks in the bucket the last time I checked
Each a colour of the rainbow, from red to indigo
I threw 3 aside quickly, the rest I packed
Into a pretty package and buried them down below
Once a while I'd dig up my treasure chest
Just to count if they were still there
Dusted them, ensuring they looked their best
But what's the use if I'm never going to wear
The red one, or the blue one, or the orange one
Maybe I'll give them away to someone who needs them more
Someone who will put them on and run
Down the runway, above all -soar-
I'm going to rummage through the crate
Nitpick, give and take, it's not up to fate
To run with baton in hand, no socks on feet
It's time I did the cruelest good deed


Miss Verbose said...

there is always a loser and a winner in every situation. Sometimes, it is better to hurt someone at the start than to drag it on meaninglessly and create more hurt. You cannot force yourself to love someone or force someone to love you. In a relationship, as long as one party says NO, the answer is NO. There cannot be one YES and one NO. Life is not fair, neither is LOVE. Invariably, one always gets hurt but how you deal with it will depend on the self.

eStee said...

Thanks babe. I know I can always count on you!

Anonymous said...

Its true estee..Sometimes its just not good to be too hard on yourself for hurting the other person. Like what Miss verbose said in the start is always better than dragging it along. But then just make sure you don't get into a situation like that again. Learn from your past experiences and see how best you can approach a situation before actually getting into one and avoid the cycle to happen again. - Ram

Anonymous said...

Welcome to my world! :)

Be happy, still!

davienne said...

i always do that without realising it.. and when i finally do, it's too late.

ms teo! see lah.. u made me so emo *sobs*

eStee said...

Thanks Ram and CJ, happiness is but what we make it out to be yeah?

eStee said...

Nanny wen: emo is good :) emo means u haven't yet been tainted by this sordid world!

Peter said...

Where is the pink sock?

eStee said...


Anonymous said...

Hi I just love your illustrations. Please coul you telle me where you find them ?

Anonymous said...

The deth It´s just the begining of a new life

Anonymous said...

thats so true! You've described me! I'm exactly the same! I'm always too scared to let people get close, even though I want them too, I always hurt them and push them away, i dont know why, maybe because I want to see if they love me enough to come back neways

Anonymous said...

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