As bloggers, we love it when someone visits our blogs and comments on it. It somehow validates us, but then many of us have seen our readership grow slowly, then are disappointed when it plateaus. Let me share with you a way you can change this!

The truth be told, it happens. Yes, many bloggers find their readership stagnating and are looking for surefire ways to increase their readership.

Let me tell you of one way. BLOGRUSH.

Now, what is Blogrush?

It is the brain child of Internet entrepreneur, John Reese. Created to be extremely viral to help bloggers “rush” traffic to their blogs, BlogRush is basically a traffic exchange network, with a MLM twist.

As a BlogRush user, I will earn “syndication credits” each time my blog page (with widget) loads, i.e. the more page loads, the more credits earned. These credits are in turn used to distribute and display my latest blog post titles across a network of related blogs. Hence, the more syndication credits I chalk up, the more viral and exponential exposure the blog gets!

Besides earning credits based on your own traffic, users also earn via traffic (loads of widget) of their referrals, all the way up to 10 generations of referrals! BlogRush is not called a “Syndication Network” for nothing. It is a revolutionary traffic network that puts your blog traffic on steroids!!

It is a well known fact those people at the top of MLM network earn the most money. Although BlogRush has some elements of a pyramid scheme in it, no money actually change hands. To earn your “rush hour” traffic, it is thus most sensible to join BlogRush now (it is so new it is still in Beta) to start getting your referrals and reap maximum viral effect and exponential exposure!

Good luck to blogging and increasing your readership! :)