(ADV) Why I LOVE BOYS with BALLS and... a good set of wheels

Boys with balls. Love them or hate them. Love them because of that oh-so-bad-boy factor; hate them because they always seem to break your heart. For some reason, people always claim that girls are attracted to bad boys -- the thrill seeking kinds, the ones that break your heart, leave you, come back and spit on you then, as if it isn't enough, step all over your dead corpse in their muddy sneaks.... (sorry for being too graphic)...

I've never had a love for bad boys, I don't remember any of my exes to be bad boys (at least not when I was with them, though one did become a bad boy later on...) Come to think of it, if my friend's father took sky diving as a hobby I'd be like "Woooow so coooool", but if my father decided one day to take up such a sport, I'd like TOTALLY flip out... it's way toooo dangerous to potentially lose MY daddy through life risking activities as such.

Yet again, there has been something I've realized....

Where the hot and thrill seeking (bad?) boys hang out, so will the GIRLS FLOCK!! But WHY flock, and where?.....

Truly, A new kind of sports culture is emerging in Singapore. Have you noticed them? The GOOD kind of bad boys?!? The city is its playground and the streets are coming to life with the voices and movements of a new generation of urban tribes!!!

TRIBES? ... what tribes? No silly, not the uga-jaga-uga-jaga-uga-jagaaa cannibalistic ones!

Wanna get turned on to an au' natural high?

KUDOS to these new bunch of youth daredevils, who push their limits, for the love of the thrill and the addiction to the adrenalin that comes with the danger... Nike has gone out of their way to salute our youth, from skateboarders and BMX bikers to B-boys and street footballers. For the (scardey-cat fuddyduddy old foggies) people like me who prefer to admire from afar, and never had the courage to talk to these street daredevils, here's a chance and Nike offers you insight into their lives... interview with these undercelebrated stars..vto celebrate their diversity and vitality by focusing on individual narratives, rather than harping on the infrastructure (or lack thereof).

Gives the term "Flying without wings" a whole new meaning huh?

Now you see him.... Now you don't.... all without the crash gear!!!

Confidently global in their outlook, yet proudly local in their pursuits, these are the folks that give our streets a little more buzz and soul. These guys live for the moment and enjoy milking whatever they can out of every living second.

They amaze us with their skills, humble us with their rootedness and inspire us with their perseverance. Everyone of them is fiercely proud of his or her individuality, yet deeply conscious of being a part of a larger community. They strive for perfection, but at their own pace and time. They prize thrills and thrive on spontaneity. It's all about play.

This got me thinking, maybe I should be more adventurous and actually take up a sport of some sorts? Sitting on my fat ass all day long isn't going to get me healthy. Maybe I too, should take up break dancing... so as any girl would do... I emailed my girl friend about it,

ME: "Aye babe, thinking of taking up break dancing, wanna join? Call me XOXOXO!"

Her response: *nothing*..
.. but she did send me the picture below.. and when they say a picture paints a thousand words -- hell yes, it does. And I quickly got the idea whether or not she thought we should engage in rough tumble and play together...

I digress, back to these daredevil youths, they embrace the physicality and danger implicit in what they do with imagination and creativity, accepting that learning is the key to mastery. This is their story - a story built around a different lifestyle. For them, the tribe is their culture and the proud badge of their identity.

But truly, nothing turns a girl on more than a guy with good ball sense and a good set of wheels (whatever kinds they may be...) Bad boys or not, we still flock to them like bees to honey..

Intrigued? You should be.

Find out more at nike.com.sg.


Pleasure Delayer said...

How about MBA Bad Boys? Do they exist? or are they merely a MYTH? Do they have balls (in any meaning that this phylosophical term has)? And wheels? .... Are they loyal and proud of their own tribe???? ..... Do girls fall for their honey? Or they are more like a repellent to the girls??? hahahahahahahah
Who knows... Any clue to these questions???

eStee said...

Haha from a girl's perspective, MBA guys are good catches... but from a TA perpective... damn I'm still having problems trying to remember some of the pupil's names... it's insane I tell ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey Estee,

Breakdancing is not that DANGEROUS. Learn it the proper way... I gues it will be fine. I just took up and it's really fun! :) There's girls in my school's breakdance club too.

eStee said...

But i think I have bad hand eye coordination and really bad psycho motor skills... hahah :P

brian koh said...

if you have really bad hand-eye coordination and psycho-motor skills, you can try dancing at Home Club! Hahhahaha, why do you think i love it there? (apart from the great music!)

eStee said...

Brian: The home club? What's that... sounds like something for hommies somewhere in the ghettos of the bronx

Anonymous said...

the guy in the white cap, skateboarder? the photo of him lying was waiting for the ambulance. he tore his knee ligament and now walking with crutches

Anonymous said...

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