Cannot Stop Cursing (Part II)

In my previous post, I blogged about the boy who could not stop cursing. It may have come across funny, to me, at least initially but this is a very real illness. In the above video, the makers of SouthPark show that this is a very real illness and although they have added a funny twist to it, it sounds like they are serious in spreading awareness about this debilitating illness..

Tourette syndrome is an unusual chronic medical condition characterized by the childhood onset of multifocal motor and vocal tics, which may include phonation, vocalization, or the articulation of formed words, including obscenities or profanities. This explains the sudden outburst of vulgarities and profanities. Imagine not being able to control yourself -- this sure leads to very embarrassing situations. The worst thing, haveing to explain it all.

Little people know about this illness and might take it as you making fun of them. I personally have not met anyone in Singapore with this illness before and am really curious how it manifests.

Anyone know about/met someone like this before?


Anonymous said...

i met someone like tat b4. in mrt. a young man talking normally with his lady fren. bUt he just can't stop speaking some rude words (in cantonese) like.. hiPcup.. louder than his normal talking and can't control.. his lady fren talk normally with him like didn't hear those rude word.. at first i thought only i heard.. i was very shock and confused tat time.. after 'observe' him awhile then only i quite confirm he is just can't control it.. poor thing.. imaging tis will happened in his wedding/rom or when he goes to library.. sigh

eStee said...

Man.. that really sucks... the thing is if you have this illness to begin with, I think it's going to be hard to find a partner who understands...

Miss Verbose said...

Hello my darling!

I've actually met someone who had Tourette's. It takes getting used to ignoring the random profanities. I've also seen someone with a similar condition at the bank except that she kept going "Ring Ding Ding! Three wins the weasel" instead of swearing. Hmm...

ANYWAY, I've pinged a new entry... Hopefully, this is less "controvecial" as you say, and more to your liking.

love ya and miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Estee, I met someone who had Tourette's. On the tram home in Melbourne City, a pretty girl on the tram kept yelling out random words.

Every one on the tram thought she was being annoying to get attention and gave her dirty glances.

Coincidentally, we both alighted at the same stop, and went to the same office to register tenancy for our new apartments.

Again, the guy at the office kept telling her to stop yelling, not knowing that she couldn't.

I completely misunderstood her until months later when I saw a show on TV about Tourette's Syndrome.

I will never forget her.

Anonymous said...

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