9eek 9oddess LIVE from Melbourne –DAY 1.5

Early morning we wake up.... Woooo and Hippo is up too.. with her children... waiting patiently..

We meet Dawn's uber cute Aussie friend, Koa... *swoon* Yea I know girls, he's taken... :)

Dawn brings me to this fab place... it's like the alley is filled with grafitti!! Check them out!!


The grafitti is pretty yeah?

Koa's Breakfast!!! Yumsters!!!

Yea... and we meet a PINK wannabe!!!

My ab-so-freaking-lutely deeeliiissshhhhhhhhhh Peking Duck Crepe!

Alleys like these are a common!!! SHopppppiiinnnggg!!!!

Koa and I.... OMG... He is so freaking talll.... gorgeous huh!?

We get to meet SANTA!!!!!



But really... we had to go in the NAUGHTY SHOP!!!!! Some hanky panky anyone?

Yea... Dawn in her naughty naught nurse outfit.... Ohhhhhh laaalllaaaa!!!

I get some sweets for Stanley... since he is pretty heart broken now... Stanley is Ming's best friend... You thin he's like them? Sucking on candied tits?? :)

Then its off on the tram for shopping shopping shopping... means hole in pocket!!!

Reminds me of Forever 21!!! Girls!!! There's Forever Now in Melbourne... but the things are MUCH crappier!!! For once I walked in and GOT NOTHING!!!!! PEWWW!!!

Very nice yeah?? This is a totally PINK shop!!! Pink bathrobe... I love!!! But not too suitable for S'pore!!!

Changing room with Miss Dawn Gwee!!!

We buy stuff..... Lotsa stuff!!! A new phone...

And more of my SPOILS!!! MUAHAHAHAH!!!

Some Tibetan man.... or is it Korean? Basking...

I love sweets... this guy is like moulding the sweets into shape ... goes through this funky machine.. and comes out like thisss!!!!!! LOOOK!!

Yummy right?? So it's so quick.. time flies when ur spending money yeah? We head off to get hair and make up done for Dawn's Grad night!!

so I was Dawn's date for the night.. which was fun fun fun.. because we get to dress up and doll up!!! Yeah... so you know she gets her total makeover.. and I... well, I tried to cope by my own because I didn't want to bust up a big budget for makeup... (rather save for shopping!!)

Pics of her hair!!

I go to the toilet... and it's like black light (UV lights) everywhere... apparently it prevents people from sticking needles when taking drugs so they can't see their veins in the light...

We go to the Melbourne City Aquarium for dinner... SMASHING i tell u.. I love fishie fishies... haha and I'm craving for sushi!!! yea I'm evil I know!!!

Ewww.. I hate this... looks damn FUGLYYY!! JELLYFISH!!! EVIL JELLYFISH! DIE BIATTCH DIE!!

Snuffie follws everywhere... Snuffie miss home!! Snuffie misses Ming!

Appetizer: Some carameled mushroom with goat cheees on a tart with hollandaise sauce I think... Yummmyy!!!

*BURP* Next course pls! Bring on the entree baby!!!

Yummy leg of lamb, with bacon, string beans and potato gratin.... SUPERLICIOUS!!!



During the break, we head out for shots by the river... Isn't it GORGEOUS?

And in just half an hour... the sky changes... and CROWN hotel and casino lights up!! Look at the balls of flame!! HAWT!!!

Then of course.. there's the dance floor.... with everyone getting down and dirty!!!

More photos of us in the bathie....

Our toilet shots :) I'll post up more pics later in the night OK? Dawnie's out now and the pics are in her cam... I'm like back home early at 2AM cuz she's gone clubbing and I wasn't into all the smoke and I don't drink... I know I'm a killjoy... I'm gonna take a shower now... then I upload more pics ok??



Anonymous said...

Eh your blue dress very nice!

Are you going for National Treasure 2 next week are you are you =)

eStee said...

Skyler.... I'll be back late late night 19th... so I'll see you 20th! I'm upset I'll be missing National treasure!!! :(

Accyee said...

I LOVE UR DRESSESSSSS.. esp the 1st one.!!!

Anonymous said...

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