9eek 9oddess LIVE from Melbourne – PARTY NIGHT 2

I found out Dawn has a Snuffie tooo! Awwwww.. Snuffies sooo ccuutttee!! LoVE LoVE!!!

More pics from the PAAARRTTTYYY!! Can you believe us? All decked up in evening wear!! :)

Before dinner... when our dresses not bursting yet!!


Jello, anyone??? :) Hee...

The view's ab-so-freaking-lurely BEAUTIFUUULLL!!!

Lemon Merangue anyone? These were soooo yummy! Dawn and I ate like 5 between us!!!.. and that was after all the fooood!!!

Going... going... going... MUNCH!!!

LOVE THEM STRAWBERRIES!!! I'm a suck for any kind of berries!!!


I want the Swaroski crystal bag Dawn has! $1000 bucks can... and only 100 pieces in circulation.. That little BIATTCHH!!

But nevermind.. as long as I have my lovely chocolates.. it's OK... I'll just PIG out all by myself..

Ooh... HOT TIP: DO you know that consuming chocolates can be likened to having an orgasm? Chocolates contain a chemical which makes your body produce ENDORPHINS, which is the hormones produced when you have sexxxxxx.... SO DEZ NE.....


Anonymous said...

looks like you are having lots of fun!


eStee said...

That also means I'm dead broke.. u wanna wire me some money, daddy?? :)

ZB said...

woaw.. you bring all your toys to melbourn with you?

eStee said...

haha ... those are Dawn's toys la.. I only brought 1.. snuffie!

Anonymous said...

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