HP Mini Note Book PC - Blogger's Exclusive Showcase

Last night, I had great fun at the HP Mini Note Book PC Showcase for bloggers. It was held at the Grand Hyatt @ Mezza9. It's always great seeing familiar faces within the crowd and so many fellow Pingsters and Nuffnangers.

What do I think about HP's latest addition to the family? Say hi to Miss. HP 2133 Mini-Note PC. How do you think she looks? Well, I can't really compare to anything except the Asus Eee I guess, since they have something as bite-sized at the above. This PC has the Windows Vista edition as well as the Linux one, so user can choose between both.

Despite its diminutive size, it’s amazing how the mid-range and more expensive models manage to pack in 120 to 160 GB HDDs which is a huge difference especially when compared to the Eee. Not to mention, the Mini-Note looks more sturdy and sophisticated with its anodized aluminum shell.

Side view, pretty slim. (but cannot compare to MacBook Air la)!!!

I had a hard time convincing the HP people that although I used a Macbook, I wasn't one of those cultish MacBee lovers. I could appreciate any non Mac PC as well, but they just broke off laughing.

As usual, I saw familiar faces, like I said. The likes of Vanessa Tan (whom I stole pics from), Nicole, Jean, Nic, Michael Cheng, NTT, Farenelli, Justin Lee, Ming Shen, DK, Melvin Yuan, Coleman Yee, Preetam Rai, Priscilla and Bernard Leong (pic below)

(Eligible but not so single anymore!!!!! Sorry girls!)

Mike Cheng, or whoever was it, kept shining the light from the PC at me. Dang it's really bright man... (or perhaps it wasn't mike and Im just trying to pick on him-- I can't remember after all the food and drinks!) *update- the culprit was Coleman Yee!!! I remember now argh!, sorry mike!*

It fits squarely in the hand, but upon first holding it, I thought that it was pretty heavy, but was told that this was due to the extra battery pack attached -- The original is a 3 cell battery which causes it to weight 1.19kg and can last slightly over 2 hours. (I still wish it was lighter though, I know, I'm demanding)

Me, Nic & Jean!

Comparing to the Asus, I hear can last about 3 hours. The Asus Eee I must say is cheaper than the HP one which comes in at about $999. The highest end model of the HP mini notebook, with all it's external additions, will actually cost as much as a full sized notebook, I figure. But those who are looking for something lightweight and pretty to carry around -- this would be good as it's form factor outshines the Asus Eee by quite a margin.

Aren't the skins pretty? Hey, we need clothes, but so do our PCs ok!

This chick comes with a respectable 160gb hard drive. It comes with wireless 802.11a, b and g as well as Bluetooth! Speakers wise, this girl can seriously pack in the oomph. The speakers were loud and pretty audible for it's size. Reminds me of a little chilli padi chick petite in size but can bark super loud! However, if you're really into music, you'll prefer headphones, I guess.

I hear the keypad is over 90% the size of a normal notebook, which is great so you won't feel so cramped up when typing... however, the touchpad has it's right and left click located beside the pad, instead of below it. I got used to that pretty fast, perhaps I was pretty excited when Nicole was explaining to me how to use the Linux version so I wanted very much to operate it.

Melvin trying happily to steal one away.... no but really thanks to him for the invite to this event!

And it was definitely good to meet up with Vanessa again. (pictured with a HP rep, Madeleine)!

I really wouldn't mind this little chick mini notebook, but due to my budget constraints, I'll probably have to wait until I start working to buy one. I'm happy with my Mac but hey, sometimes I find it a bit heavy, especially if I sling it on my shoulder....

Yes darlings, if you were wondering, Miss HP Mini-notebook reaches our shores Mid May.
Me, Nicole and Jean here!
Later Skaters!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice! Looks like it could be a good travel or school laptop!

eStee said...

Definitely could be... u buy for me?? ahaha... see u later in the day! :)

brian koh said...

why why why do PR folk not invite other PR folk to their events?

i like geekery too.. and it just means i won't be getting invited to all the parties that all of you get invited too.. *hai hai hai*

we need more social events and less press events.. muahahaa, then i hope i'm more eligible.. kekeke

Anonymous said...

Sell the old to buy the new?

Anonymous said...

hey estee, nice pic of you and Ming there :)

@Brian - agreed on more social events!!

eStee said...

Brian: I know I know, I think you would totally love the event. I feel your pain, bro!!!!

Hillary: Sell the old? I got very sentimental relationship with my maccckkyy!

Nic: see u later in the day! :)

Benjamin Koe said...

@Brian, Organise your own lah. Or go work somewhere else. hahaha.

I don't get this laptop. Not cheap like Eee PC, not high-end like Sony TZ. Products positioned like this often fail in the market.

But that's my take.

eStee said...

ben: Yah brian can organize a social media lunch or something. :) haha then u can sponsor food!!! :) We'll see how things play out for HP then!

Anonymous said...

$999? They must be kidding. The basic model's list price is USD$499.

Anonymous said...


erwin said...

where did u get the skin?
looks real cool!

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Angus Mcjockeyfart said...

I've just bought an Asus eepc, I love it!
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Anonymous said...

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kellywang said...

Nice! Looks like it could be a good travel or school laptop!

soreya said...

Sell the old to buy the new?

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