Beauty doesn’t lie in the eyes of the beholder! Beauty is universal. Believe you, me – if you look at the above 2 pictures, it would not be difficult to make a decision between the 2 on which you would want over the other. For the longest time, I’ve been looking for a laptop that oozed sex appeal, yet functional. It was only when I was in Hong Kong months back, that I first laid my eyes on the HP mini 1000 Vivienne Tam laptop (link to old entry). And it was exactly then, I knew I had to get it, somehow.

“You are what you wear”, my mom used to tell me when I was young. Never really understood what she was trying to get at until she started repeating it to me in my early teenage years as my hemline started to rise higher my thighs.

Years on, although she doesn’t say it that much anymore, there are times she tugs at my skirt, as if trying to lengthen it, or pull my top up, so that it almost reaches my neck. (v neck tops are NOT meant to be turtlenecks!)

I guess it’s safe to say that what we wear (or carry) shows others who we are. We also quickly judge other by what they wear or how they look. To prove my point (again):

Any fool can tell a frumpy frock from sexy dresses..

Similarly, in this fast paced world, we’re all busy trying to differentiate ourselves from the rest. (I know I am!)



Some people permanently mark their bodies, while others try other ways to “stand out”.

I’ve never really been one to stand out in such ways, but I’d like to see myself as a person with pretty decent taste – someone who likes to dress well and likes to own things that reflect who I am. I like things that I feel represent me, that are interesting, and most of all, I like pretty things that reflect what kind of person I am. – an upwardly mobile female, new to the workforce, passionate about technology yet never letting that “geek” in me overshadow the fashionista that I am!

Mom said it right, we are how we dress, and in that same line, we are what we own. The things we carry, especially for girls, show who we are, they are an extension of our personalities; they portray our individuality.

Which was exactly why I fell in love with the HP Vivienne Tam mini. The moment I laid eyes on it, it seemed to be beckoning for me to purchase. It was as if, as narcissistic as it sounds, it was especially designed for me!!!!

I’d like you to meet the soon to be love of my life. Say hello to the HP Vivienne Tam mini. If I were to summarize in a sentence, this laptop is designed for the upwardly mobile woman, who is stylish and cares about being in vogue, yet not compromising her need to be in touch with technology.

In the past, I’ve always bought a laptop only because I needed one. Aesthetics were important, but since all laptops look pretty much the same old, same old, I wasn’t too choosy when buying one. If they’re not black, they’re grey. Not grey, then white, if not they were of colors I didn’t particularly love.

Had given up on finding something edgy with a personality of its own.

Good news for us girls now, we will soon be able to own, for the first time ever, this beautiful mini designed by world-renowned Asian fashion designer Vivienne Tam!! (Duh that’s why it’s called the HP Vivienne Tam mini).

Also known as the “digital clutch”, due how it fits squarely in one hand, it’s the first time HP has collaborated with a designer to take technology up one notch in sex appeal.

In a case of east meets west, the notebook is scarlett red and covered in peony flowers, a signature of Vivienne Tam’s collection. In fact, it was even showcased in her fashion show, held by models as they sashayed down the runway!

The peony patterns runs from the outer casing to the interior, under the keypad. It has a 10 inch screen and its interior is gleaming red. And so I hear, the laptop also features a extra special enter key that bears the Chinese symbol for double happiness. All these come with a complementary embroidered storage sleeve that helps keep it safe!

Aren’t you drooling yet, girls? This to die for laptop is already available now and can be purchased at Harvey Norman Milennia Walk, Best Denki Taka or Tyan Boutique @ Palais Renaissance.

And if you want to WIN one? Check this out especially if you're a blogger! 2 V.Tam minis to be given away!

Now girls (or boyfriends), either start saving up now, join the blog contest or go one purchase now, ‘cuz who said you can’t match your laptop to your shoes?

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