All alone at home. Parents are in Beijing. Sister is out.

It's just so quiet, I sit alone in the living room, trying to start on something due tomorrow morning for work. Argh. It's 1110PM, I should be asleep instead.

I miss Ming. I wish he was back from KL, just having him around makes me feel safer. It's scary how someone else's presence can make you feel stronger. Or perhaps I'm all too weak.

I wish Christmas would come much faster, so I wouldn't have to survive the weak ahead. War.

I need to hit my sales target this month, if not I will hate myself so damn much.

Today, change was offered to me. I wonder if I should take it up. I wonder if have the mettle to take to take it up. Somehow, no matter how weak I always think I am, I know I am a survivor. I have come way tooooo far to allow fear to hold me back. Although I think I often am too small for a task, somehow I always surprise myself. I was born a fighter.

I'll stay that way.


Anonymous said...

Estee, we always believe in your ability and tenacity to succeed and you should too as the Lord says," You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you". Mum

Anonymous said...

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