Things I remember

There are some things/periods of your life which you know you will never forget. For some reason, today I reminisce about the days of old.

As I sat in my gf's car, listening to the soapy westlife cd playing in the background, my mind floated back more than a decade, where I remember...

How I used to not be able to sleep well before Maths exams
How we used to walk through Marina Square together so so often
How we took the bus through the windey road for tuition
How I loved Geography lessons
How I loved college life
How I talked on the phone with you for hours on end
How I ran so hard that when I crossed the finishing line, I could see no one
How I was so heartbroken when leaving you behind when I went to Upenn
How I also so quickly forgot you
How I cried so hard when we fought
How I copied her homework
How I knew I just had to grow up

Lessons in life, one whould never forget, for they mould us to be what we are today.


Anonymous said...

I like this post. Do a post on the future! - Nikybird

eStee said...

the future is HUDATGIRL!