Hey guys!

Been crazy busy recently, so sorry for not blogging.

Nikki and I have been hard at work rebuilding out blogshop.


Been meaning to launch this weekend, but due to some delay on our photography side, we're going to aim for Wednesday latest.

McQueen Inspired Frilly Dress

Herve Leger Inspired Bandage Dress

Nora Sunday Brunch Dress

It's really been a ride man... but I guess Nikki and I feed on each other. I think my SMS load is gonna increase a ton man. We bug each other quite regularly... :P

I need to start messaging her non work related stuff already.... if not... quite "buang"

haha... nite guys...


Anonymous said...

U both should get the same phone.. iPhone or BB.. so can do IM/BB messenger.

Glad that u are back again!!!

eStee said...

She's on iPhone, Im on BB! And we both wont switch!! keke