CozyCot's 100 Most Inspiring Real Women

Indeed with a stroke of luck, I got nominated to be in Cozycot's 100 Most Inspiring Real Women.

I received an email some time back to inform me that someone had nominated me, and I was asked to fill up some questionaire. Funny that I didnt think too much of it since I wasnt active in cozycot, plus, blah, there must be soooo many other people I can think so, who inspire. A particular person I'd like to name as having inspired me in this lifetime, are of course my own mother, as well as Shimei's mother. Perhaps you have not heard of either of them before...

2 weeks ago, I was invited to the Chippendale's concert in MBS Singapore, and, the rest is, a they say, history.

Thanks to those who have "like" the page.

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