Strangers, Again.

The evolution of a relationship really can change overnight... from friends to lovers, back to friends, then utter strangers. Despite always making an agreement to be friends, it sometimes is so very hard to do.

From talking on the phone every night to not even a text for weeks. Funny how the tide turns when statuses change.

Yes I think it is important to remain friends, but if it retards the process of one party getting over the other, then it is better to cut off all contact. Best case scenario is both people remain good friends, hardly possible, but also depends if your new partner is open to the "allowing" you to remain friends with an ex.

After watching strangers, again, I couldn't help but see my life flash through the eyes of the female protagonist. Do all relationships somehow end with being strangers all over again? Well, its not necessarily a bad thing per se, but its just painful how friendships get ruined when people aren't "lovers" anymore.

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavours, I wish you all the good things in life, I still pray for you because do you remember when we parted, you made me promise to always keep you in my prayers? I still do that, only because I meant it when I agreed and it wasn't the mumbo jumbo lip service. No matter what people say, I choose to remember what an awesome person you were, the heart of gold you had and the people you loved. The dissolution of love by no means eradicates the good memories and fun times we shared... and I will bravely defend your character if any situation calls for it.

No one would understand the person you are, except me (or the person you will get married to, of course), because I still feel that I know who you are, what you stand for, and being strangers all over again doesn't for one bit change how I feel about you as a person.

Unfortunately, there was a fork in the road, and we had to choose to part for reasons only beknown to us - do you know how sacred the reason is to me? But I know we will both get on with our lives just fine, and that there will be someone else who will make us as happy as we were when we were together.

Adieu my friend, now stranger. I miss you very much, after 4 long years, though time apart has been short, but I feel as if decades have passed, and we have both grown "older" and have moved on with where life has chosen to take us.

I'm happy to see you take off and fly... you will always still remain my most favourite stranger :)

Wish me luck as I take a huge step into another phase of life...

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