Hong Kong MAYHEM

And I freaked out when CC said that she didn't want to go HK - almost for a moment I decided I would pull the plug on my trip too.

What was I to do there, all the girls apparently have "special" guys there they want to meet.

And I whatsapped Grace to ask her to stay with me in the event that CC really wouldn't be able to make it. What would I do all alone in a huge hotel room, in the middle of a foreign country?

I do that enough in KL as it is already, and having taken the last flight out from KL the night before, and stranded in KL LCCT for 3 hours in the cold, the last thing I wanted was to be alone in a room the entire night in HK. Plus, I didn't plan to get wasted, so that meant that I would be SOBER the entire duration.... so pathetic, so very pathetic.

Grace said to cheer up because there would be a ton of boys there for me to meet. But somehow it doesn't excite me one bit. Yea so what? And what? Then what? After what? SO?

Isn't it the same old story in the end? Boys will always be boys, no matter what form they take, the games we all play, ugh, sick of it. What happened to honesty, simplicity???

Plus, it gets MORE complicated doesn't it?

I'm happy just having fun with the girls, and I somehow I know meeting new boys should excite me, but currently, it excites me about just as much as reporting to work on a weekend.

Am I really getting getting old? Something is seriously out of whack, I want to stay here with the ONE person I love, that's all.

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