Jumping, Jumping...

The fact that I jump to your defense every time someone criticizes you shows that there is something there I see that no one else does. They may mock, or demean, but that doesn't change a bloody damn thing.

The fact that it doesn't irk me when people think I am weak in your presence, shows a lot of what I still think about, when it comes to you. They judge and cannot understand how the sacrifice of one self is the truest form of love. Willingness was my only sin.

And I see all that passion brimming, and those bright eyes, ablazed with all the hopes and dreams of things to come. Under their unbelieving eyes, everything drowns out as I hear the stories I have become so accustomed to hearing, all those nights. When things were still perfecto.

I can only thank the Lord for allowing me, for that one fleeting moment, to have "belonged" to you.

If I could clone your brain, I would fall in love all over again.

And I say it again and again, the brain is by far the sexist organ on a human body. Mind Orgasm. How's that for a guilty pleasure? How far must I walk, how long must I wait, how high must I climb, to find a brain of similar nature?

And just when I think I have found it, the heart rate monitor of love flatlines. And here we go all over again on a Monday blind date.

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