And so Sunday will be the day, where we both will meet again, this time as friends, in the same social setting we're oh so used to, but the only difference is how everyone will view us. No longer as "one", but as 2 separate people.

I wish I could make this easier, but I guess, this day HAS to come somehow, can't run away from it.

See, the thing is, honestly, I won't know how it is going to pan out, but all I can say is that I really want Kay Kay to have an awesome 1st birthday! All our mutual friends will be there, I guess it's no secret now, so I hope everyone treats us like it used to be.

And I hope things will just slip back into the normal it was when we began as friends because it is safe to say now that you no longer have my heart. It belongs somewhere else.

I think I am ready to stand up to the test. FACE ON, SO BRING IT!

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