I re-connected with Tina last week at Matt's wedding. And it was so awesome -- I think the best thing about weddings (for me) is not the beauty of the union of 2 people (I'm already desensitized after the chain of weddings this year), but really, of the people you get reacquainted with!

I think the last time I met Tina before last week was like last year at the Sheares Hall reunion -- though I spoke to her quite a bit then, I had to rush off to beerfest (Gosh, has it really been a year since?) so didn't manage to talk a lot.

But seeing her at Matt's wedding made me so happy. I have never known Tina much, even in hall days. I wonder why, but maybe because she camped out in her room so much, and I was away in the US for 2 years, plus all that warcraft I was playing with the 6th floor boys - we never really got to spend much time together. Maybe I looked intimidating in those says, apparently Tina said I was too "popular"... ahhhh yea my glory days of old....

Anyway, so Tina is getting married! And I think she is BEAUTIFUL. I'm excited going wedding gown choosing with her, because she smiles so widely, it makes me sooo happy, I can hardly contain my excitement! And the way she talks about Clinton, wow, makes me think perfection is perhaps possible!!!

Om nom nom nomz!

Somehow, Tina is totally relatable. And although I tell a lot of my life story to many people, I hardly share everything, only bits and pieces I allow them to know. But with Tina, I wasn't afraid to. Either I am no longer "ashamed" or she brings out the best in me.

Hope to catch her soon again, to try on more gowns, and hopefully I can really go with her to China in September for her ceremony! Yaay! Who knows what it will bring?

Good night, Tina!


The blog follower wrote back to me, and I think tonight, I will sleep sweetly :) (after clearing my bloody email box, that is)


Anonymous said...

Tina is soooooooo pretty. WOW.

WHy is she getting married to someone else... ughhh

eStee said...

:) Im sorry, every dog has its day... good luck in getting yours, Shallow Hal.