There are a few absolutes in my life that will not change, no matter what the circumstance, no matter how I feel, because these things are truth to me, they are immutable, they are my true north. No matter what someone says or does, I pray my heart stays true to these things which I have known I was destined to be and live by since the age of four. These things have not changed one bit.

Yes, along the way, I have detracted, I have strayed from the path, but somehow, some way, I always find myself back on the path, leading to my true North. Sometimes I stray from the path for extended periods time, and I try to change my internal compass to fit the situation, but time and time again, somehow, the magnet of my soul pulls me back to where it knows I belong. You can't fool the inner man.

I pray I will never forget what my true North is, no matter what life throws at me, no matter how tainted the world gets, no matter what people say, no matter how I may feel or who I feel for, no matter my circumstance, may I never ever forget where I come from, and where I want to go to. Even if I never reach the destination, I know I have given it my all. I will collect my prize in my next life.

1) Friends: Never forget that many do come and go, but stay true to the ones who you know have stood by you, and never let anyone, especially a male, drive a wedge though you. Men come and go, but a true friend stays beside you always.

2) Career: Never let money or ambition make you a person you hate yourself for. Money can come and go, bosses can come and go, promotions may be fleeting, but what matters is loving what you do and having a clear conscience with what you do. Career should never come ahead of the family unit.

3) Innocence: Never lose it for someone or something. If someone tries to change you, it must be for the better if not better to run as far and as fast as your legs will take you.

4) Family: It is most important, ever. Never forget that for anyone. Never let someone be more important than they. And when I have a family of my own, I am committed to be with a person who brings out the best in me, makes me happy, and bring my children up to be the best people they were born to be.

5) Love & kindness: Never lose sight of the shore, when things get down, and when people mistreat you, or make you feel insignificant, never ever take it out on someone else. Love and kindness are the cornerstone of everything. Please never ever lose your soul no matter how jaded you may be. Love and kindness trumps all, remember that.

6) Can't run too far from God, He is always there, and He sees everything, in the end, things come a full circle, and you end up right at his feet.

7) My past should make me a better person, not make me a worse person, in any sense of the word.

8) Patience: One day, the things I truly believe in deep in my heart will come to pass, only because the universe works to right itself in the end. People may come and distract me from my true North, throw me off course, but in time, I will be exactly where I want to be. Even if I am not, I promise to make the best out of the situation and be happy with what I have been given.


30/8/2011 - I need to remember the path I used to walk on, because I have a sharpened sword in my right hand, and a sceptre in my left - I am slowly cutting away, sawing away on one end, and prodding the ground to stay surefooted in my quest. I will enjoy this process as much as I enjoy a good bath after tiring jog.

The world is my oyster, remember this day and never forget. These diamond encrusted walls are simply beautiful, they glisten in the morning sun, and the glare can hardly keep my eyes open. And as it takes years for carbon under pressure to turn into diamonds, so do these walls. And oh, how majestic to just lie down encased in them, as I watch the world pass by.

Go on, chip away, they do need to be thinner. Ahh but you see, these are magic diamond walls, they only become thinner if you wield the right tools. What do you have in your hand, fellow mortal?

The cinema credits start to roll, and everything fades to black. I shall sleep.

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