Melbourne burnt. In terms of work load, as well as the wind chill on the cheeks.

Let's just say I'm terrible with the cold. Reminded me of days in Philly where signs of fall was evident all around, and I was the first FOB pulling out my down coat -- didn't care who laughed, I just wanted to stay warm!

A lot of things to think about moving on, with work and personal life. Things are progressing at a pace, I can sometimes hardly catch up with.

In the end, we all just want a happy ending, don't we?


In other shocking news, D started to contact me again. The last time he called me in Dec, he was still with her, and I thought perhaps he was going through a rough time, so I chatted with him casually about the golf simulator business he was investing in...

But so he called me today to say that S and him had broken up, 6 months ago, and he wanted to explore going out with me again. Talked about how I was "first" in many things he did, how we had lotsa fun together. How he had come from Singapore to surprise me in philly, yea I remember all those vaguely. Is there a deeper reason to why they are vague?

I think I've become a different person I was then at 22, I told him that I'm not the same and that he shouldn't get ahead of himself, but somehow, he said I talked the same. And that I was the same.

Maybe I should not have talked to him at all, why would I want to open pandora's box, when everything is going OK for me now?

He asked me how I've changed and on the spot, I gave him 2 things, at the top of my head:
1) I have become more cynical, love isn't as pure as it used to be.
2) I have become less uptight. I used to have sooo many rules, now years on, I have broken most of them

For the worse, or better, time will tell.

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