When I think of an animal that I am very much like, I would like to say that it is a dolphin -- so carefree, so wild, and just so perfect.

But if I were to be realistic, I am really, an osyter. Why do I say that? I have the uncanny ability (talent) to take pain, wrap it with layers and layers of tears until the problem crystallizes. No, it by no means goes away, but i cover it with so many layers that sometimes, I numb myself to what the problem was in the first place. My pearl grows by the day, and none of my tears are ever wasted because I do such a good job at pushing them aside! Oh how proud I am of myself.

I also have an awesome gift of building a strong coat of armour around myself, inch over inch over inch. It's so thick that sometimes although it is heavy to carry around, I wouldn't ever move around without it. Why risk being unarmed, what if war befalls?


On a lighter note, I went for a run tonight and the amount of euphoria I felt watching the children splash around in the baby pool in front of me -- oh it was absolutely splendid. I think it beats any sort of runner's high one can experience. It's their carefree nature, their reckless abandon, it's so refreshing. How I love children, their innocence and playful nature, without a care in the world. I love children, absolutely.


I think it is rude to break up over text or the phone. You HAVE to have the respect for someone else to at least break it to them face to face. Just wanted to say that, takes a load off my chest. There!

For once, I am looking forward to going to KL this Thursday, gives me some reprieve from things in Singapore...

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