The Promise of the 3rd Day

I am flying off to KL in a few hours but I can't help but come pen down a couple of more salient things that happened today.

1) Shimei's mother passed on this morning and as I attended the funeral today, something happened, Shimei and I believe in the promise of the 3rd day. Whatever happens, God is in control. We have learnt to let go, and let God.

2) James said that I was a naive person. The funny thing is that Ming used to say that of me, he said that I'm a bad judge of character and I always misread others, I always think of them being "good" rather than "bad". Perhaps since so many people have said so, I must be a bad judge of character then, no?

3) Hansen said that I think too much, that's the 2nd person who's said that about me in the last 2 days. Perhaps it is true, I am a thinker. And sometimes all this thinking holds me back from what I really want.

4) I saw Kat today in Sentosa for brunch, ahhhh I was so happy to see her out there. I wish Tommy and her would stay together forever this time, because Evan is perfect and deserves all the love he can get.

5) I went prawning after so long, it was fun! Looked for Brendon there, but he wasn't around, pity, but I guess its better to leave some things in the past, where it's supposed to be.

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