E and Z

So it is no small news that E and Z are a couple - officially.

Well, OK, so I knew of it last month already, when it was hush hush. And I remember just as E was about to break it to me, she was so flustered, concerned about how I would view them.

But when I guessed, I was sooooo happy, because they are perfect. Z is such an awesome person, only someone as good as E would make him happy. They were meant to be.

Now I see pics of them on facebook and I can't help but have my heart leap with joy -- it is possible, people! :)

Happy Friday!


I deconstructed my phone into 20 pcs, literally to put my new cover in. I didn't know it would be such a huge job, I was determined to do it by myself, until my phone fell apart from me fiddling with all the small parts. I have spent the last 2 hours trying to reconstructing it, using sewing kits, super glue, screwdrivers, and even buttons to put it back together.

Determination has paid off, and it has been reconstructed -- half way I was going to throw the phone against the wall as there were toooo may small parts, but now the system works, just that the speakers are gone and so is the camera. I need to buy a new phone.

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