Friday night alone but not lonely

I have decided to extend my trip in KL to Sat. This, in any other case would be a complete travesty for me. I do not want to spend my time in KL working thru the wkend. And its a complete blow to my social life. How do I meet up with friends so even meet new people if I'm spending all this time in KL?

But this wk, I've made up my mind to stay on friday, get some early shut eye, spend some time alone by myself to wind down and relax. This has been a tough week - our distributors flew down from australia and I've had so much work to clear, my mind has been occupied with nothing but getting things done right and not screwing work over.

Alex is taking me out on saturday in KL to watch muay thai! I'm so excited and happy. I think it'll be awesome fun and he's such a super guy anyway - I'm happy for him that he just found a gf, but really? Perhaps when I look at them, its perfect now, but honestly, I think long term It won't work out, but that's another matter altogether.

Ill write more tonight, in the car now on the way to melaka for work, can't wait to be back tonight for some me time with my book, music, comfy hotel bed and BBC on tv.

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