I miss you, Ming

I read that the Elephant Parade was coming to Singapore, and i had to bite my lips. It reminds me very much of our last trip to London, where we were hunting down the elephants one by one. Do you remember, my dear?

When I think of you, my tears flow non stop, even as I sit in LCCT alone waiting to board. No one makes me cry like you do. I can't even cry when I think of James, he has hardened my heart, made me cynical at how men betray the trust of women whom they claim to care for.

But for you, my tears flow incessantly. Do you know how much I miss you? Your touch, your smile, how we shared everything? How you loved me unconditionally? How I could trust everything you said, how you knew exactly what to say at the right time? You are the only man I can ever put my entire faith in and trust with my entire heart.

Where ever you are... I wish you all the best. I pray one day, we will be able to spend a lifetime together, even not in this life... perhaps the next... what I would give...

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