There are some decisions that I have made for 2012, that I hope to stick to:

I will not blog any post about me moping about my past. 2012 is a new year, I'm looking forward to new and happy things in my life.

I started a prayer journal also on the 4/12/11 and have since been journaling almost weekly, the things I am inspired by as well as the things I commit to doing. It has been such an encouragement because although Shimei has encouraged me to start one last year, it took me super long. And because I received an early Christmas gift of a journal, that I actually got to start one. It has been an amazing experience, because I can charter my growth as I read old entries, very much like how this blog has helped to to see how much I have grown as a person.

There's so much things to be done for 2012, I want to ensure that my heart remains sensitive and my hunger for Christ continues. It is indeed not a sprint, but a marathon. And I am determined to run the good race.

You are someone out there.

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Anonymous said...

I am so encouraged to know that you're pressing on. I chanced upon your blog today and I am too going through exactly the same as what you're going through. I was a lukewarm christian->Met a great guy->He broke up with me->I Prayed so hard->He found someone else(A few days later too)->Amazingly, I still have the Peace from God<3 & STILL praying for his salvation too

Have been reading too! And boy am'I encouraged. But still, each day I pray for the strength from God to get me through because I am human and I still feel hurt or miss him terribly.

I know that God is working in a way we cannot see YET. So rest in His perfect love and timing for He began a good work in us that He WILL complete!!!

Hang in there and Hang on to God ;)


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