Raising up a MIGHTY generation

Today Cheryln gave me a word from the Lord. Months ago, I wouldnt have expected this from her - but today, I find myself so encouraged by her. Her love for Christ, her growth, her sensitivity to the Spirit. I praise God that He has raised her up, the He will do a mighty work in her life.

As I was walking home from the MRT station tonight, I had many questions for God. I asked him several things that bothered me and I told him to remove ALL the idols in my life, and only when they are all gone, will I be able to live in His perfect will for me.

And just as I got home, I received a message from Cheryln, that pierced through my heart. Jesus hasn't forgotten me. It is so encouraging to know that God is not a respecter of persons. He has used a newly revived Christian to speak to an old fart christian like me. And the words she told me were was the exact answer to the questions I have asked God about.

Thank you for listening to me Jesus, and for answering me in Your still, small voice. I know the road will not be easy, but as I choose to put you as #1, you will bring me to the place You have called me to be.

I thank God for a few people I know God has placed in my life for this season: Shimei, Cheryln, Fatima. You girls are a blessing. I thank God everyday for you. We are going to raise up a mighty generation together for the Lord God Almighty!

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