Do You KNOW?

Do you know that God can turn what the devil has planned as bad in your life into good?

God has, in the last 8 months, turned my mourning into dancing, my sorrow into Joy. I have been touched by His love, His grace, my heart beats for no one but Jesus.

My life belongs to you, you redeemed a sinner, and turned her into a saint. Forever at your feet I rest...

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Anonymous said...

Ever read illusions? Ever seek the truth? If your fingernail is you and it is torn away, are you no longer you? If God is all, are you not also God? So in obeying God, your obeying the best in yourself and doing what is best for you?

I once told you to put nothing in the electrical outlet. I then told you only certain things can be put in the outlet. Then I let you choose what will be put in there. Was the first thing I told you a lie or just the path to becoming an adult?

The greatest gift God gave to man was to choose his own destiny, no one has the right to take away what God has given...even tho Adam choose to partake of the fruit, it still was his choice....even if it was the wrong one.