Surrendering a desire

Today, I laid it before you and asked you to take it away. It is not my burden to bear anymore. It is yours and I refuse to take it back until it is light enough for me to carry, or if you remove it altogether.

I do not want to labour alone. Lord, I am only willing to labour if you are my co-labourer and if what I am labouring for is in your will. If not, remove it forever, that it will never return to haunt me.

I promise to be disciplined, to guard my heart, to not let my mind be poisoned anymore by anyone unworthy. I promise to not run further than these feet were made to carry me. I will not run ahead, not lag behind, but I will run in tandem to the will of God.

Lord, give me the discipline of mind and heart, and I know as I trust you, your plans will unfold. And they will be better than anything my mind can think up.


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