This is GRACE

17th October marks my 1 year with the Lord.

Well, loosely, 1 year. And hasn't it been a journey now.

It's not been easy, sometimes I struggle with the tasks I have in front of me, I fight to understand what my destiny is, I try to be the best daughter I can be. And many times, most times, I fail. Miserably. And the times I think I've made it, days later, I fall flat on my face.

But I dig my heels in and press on -- it is only by His grace that I am alive today, that I am standing here, and in reckless abandonment, I say, "Take my life, take it all, I surrender heart and soul, from now on, I live for you, only you."

Lord, it isnt easy, sometimes I strain to hear your voice, and I trust that you speak. Sometimes it gets so confusing, trying to do what is right, but at the same time, not fully knowing what is right. Taking baby steps to walk towards you, where you are standing with open arms.

I am yours, forever, I want to love you and serve you all the days of my life. And I want to be on fire for you everyday, where my heart beats with oneness with the heaven. I live to please you, to forever be a woman after God's heart. So use me.

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