Letter to my Papa

Dearest Daddy:

You have my world. Even when things collapse I know you are there. I need to feel you with me. The darkness is overwhelming and I know I feel I am slipping further and further in. It's supposed to feel better with time, but why does it feel like I'm sinking deeper and deeper.

Lord, only you know the extent to this double betrayal. Even I don't know the full extent but Lord, You are my Father and you understand the pain from the deep recesses of my soul. You understand the feeling of loss and abandonment as You too, experienced it on the cross. I am trying to fight my mind and get out of this. But Dad, I need help, and I need you to lift me out of this pit. I don't want to wallow in self pity anymore. It is enough, I need to stand up tall. The people who have betrayed and walked away have done so without conscience or without a tear shed. Why should I be sitting here in the dark, with tears streaming down my face? it's not worth it. they are not worth a drop of my tear.

Lord, you see what is going on, and Lord you are my justice. You are my peace. You are my Father. God nothing happens without you knowing, without you missing out. And you see everything, nothing escapes you eyes every injustice, every brokenness, every tear, every pain. God you must see all that is happening, the world is Yours and everything that goes with it You created.

God, pls pull me out, and also be my helper. I need you more than any other time now, and it's like I don't want to sink anymore deeper. This needs to stop. The buck stops here. God, let me see you work, let me see your faithfulness. God I know your mercy never fails and you are gracious to the very end, and God I wish will not let Your daughter fade into the night.

Show me your hand in all this, show me where you are in this, show me Your goodness. God you are close to me, I know. Even though the darkness encloses in, I know you are near. Help me to make it heart knowledge and help me to see Your face in the midst of the shadows. God I can't breathe without you.

You are a just God. You said You are to never leave me or forsake me, and although I feel as if I am alone, You have to be here beside me. You will never ever leave my side. I'm following You all the days of my life.

It's so hard to forgive and give mercy. It's easy to be angry and be broken, but that only hurts noone but me. And I'm tired of wasting away. But my limbs do not follow what my mind says, instead is a puppet to the string of my heart. When will this all be over? I couldnt be born for a reason like this. There has to be more.

God I have so many nasty thoughts and evil thoughts and curbing them hurts because I know that is what You would want me to do. It really doesnt have to be such a sick joke.

God, You must be all that You say you are. Show me.


Anonymous said...

Read whole chapter of Prov 3.

Your faithfulness is beautiful, don't lose it.

My God Reigns

eStee said...

God is good :)